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Assigning speaking practice has never been easier

Speakable is your go-to for creating auto-graded speaking assignments in over 100 languages, eliminating the hassle of grading hours of recordings, so you can focus on what you do best – teaching.

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Trusted by second language teachers

So far I have found Speakable to be easy to use by both teacher and students. Being able to customize the vocab assignments is valuable for adapting to student needs and abilities. It’s especially useful for teachers who use Quizlet or Google Classroom. I like that I can record my own pronunciations for students to refer to, or I can use the automated AI voice. With Speakable I can personally evaluate all students in my class (and they can evaluate themselves, too). The creators are also very responsive and working to develop the program to best fit classroom needs.

Michael Spencer

World Languages Lead, HBHS

It’s super easy to get started

Create assignments

Create custom speaking assignments for 180+ languages. Use the flexible builder to add pictures, voice recordings, custom translations, and more so students can practice pronunciation, learn new vocabulary, practice using new grammar concepts, and train their ear.

Automate grading

As students complete their assignments, grades will automatically be updated in your grade book. Google Classroom user? Leverage our native integration to import sections and sync assignment grades.

Support students

Students receive instant feedback on their target language speech. Use the feedback messenger and gradebook analytics to help students when and where they need it most

Create assignments for any purpose


Help students get comfortable producing all the different sounds of their new language so they can develop a clear accent they feel confident using. 

New Vocabulary

Research shows students need at least seven exposures to a new term to remember it. Adding new vocabulary to Speakable assignments gives students additional exposure to new terms and helps build their confidence in speaking each one. 

Ear Training

Repeated, persistent exposure to the sounds of a new language is crucial for both increasing comprehension of spoken language and ability to produce comprehensible speech.

Grammar Practice

Add sentences or short phrases to Speakable assignments that include new grammar concepts covered during class to reinforce lessons.  

Do more of what you do best

With grading and basic pronunciation feedback automated, you can focus on growing students’ ability to communicate. 

Bulk Import

Easily create assignments from lists

Speakable makes it easy to turn Quizlet sets, tables of new vocabulary sets from lesson plans, lists of sentence starters and so much more into auto-graded speaking assignments.

Global Library

Save time by using assignments created by peers and colleages

Speakable’s global library is home to over 1,000 sets of words, phrases, and sentences created by second language teachers. 

Focus on Communication

Start building student’s confidence on day one.

It’s difficult for students to see value in their new language until they’re able to produce comprehensible speech that can be used to communicate. Speakable accelerates students’ journey to speaking confidently.