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Jul 28, 2021 | 0 comments

What is Lightning Language?

Lightning Language is a foundation, started by the founders at Speakable, whose goal is to connect Spanish language learners to Spanish language teachers in Latin America (in Colombia for now). We provide teachers with free access to Speakable teaching tools, and we connect them with Spanish learners from around the world.  We take no cut from the tutors either!  100% of the client’s money goes straight to the tutors.  In fact, we don’t even handle the transactions! So how do we facilitate cross-border payments with no middleman where the tutors or teachers receive 100% of the cost of the lesson?  That’s where #Lightning comes into play!

Why Lightning, Why Bitcoin?

Lightning, or the Lightning Network more commonly, is a decentralized layer on top of the Bitcoin network which facilitates instantaneous, nearly free transactions.  Lightning Bitcoin will allow clients to pay for their tutoring services at the beginning of every lesson without any middleman taking a cut, with near 0% fees, and instantaneous settlement – no waiting weeks for an expensive bank wire which could take nearly 30% in transaction fees to get to the teacher.  The foundation handles training the teachers to receive lightning transactions, and at the moment, we’re even offering to exchange their hard-earned bitcoin for Colombian Pesos if necessary!  We’d like to keep it in their hands, however – we at Speakable believe that Bitcoin will bring about prosperity in Latin America and the world at large by giving everyone access to a great store of value, allowing people’s hard-earned income to not be eaten away by relentless inflation.  Latin America, in particular, has high annual inflation, meaning that after only a few years of saving money, your purchasing power will have been reduced by alot.  Bitcoin fixes this by supplying people access to a global currency with a fixed supply of 21 million.

Who is Lightning Language For?

Lightning language is for anyone looking to learn Spanish online from a native speaker.  Whether you’re familiar with Bitcoin or not isn’t important – there are tools to help you get started with us right away.  If you are familiar with Bitcoin, we think of Lightning Language as our way of supporting the Bitcoin ecosystem – we hope you can join us!

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I want to learn Spanish but don’t have Bitcoin!

  • No problem! There’s an App for that.  Download Strike from the Android or Apple store on your phone.  Strike connects the Bitcoin lightning network directly to your bank account.  You can send dollars and your teacher will receive the amount in Bitcoin!  Works like magic.
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