Austin Meusch

On a caffeine-fueled mission to make speaking assignments in world language classrooms as fast and easy as possible.

Become a Speakable expert in less than 3 minutes 

Mar 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Create your custom course 

This is where things get really fun. 
1. Get a jump start by adding shared playlists to your course – find playlists that include pronunciation hacks, common words & phrases, difficult words, lesson specific content and more.Pro Tip: Choose playlists with videos that further reinforce your lessons. 
2. Use the bulk upload to quickly create custom playlists – copy words directly from a spreadsheet or your notepad, paste them into the upload, hit import and voilà, your words and phrases appear. 
3. Share playlists via google classroom – quickly share a speaking exercise to your students using google classroom. 
4. Use the gradebook to manage your auto-graded assignments
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