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Did you know students can create their own speakables?

Mar 16, 2022 | 0 comments

Everyone’s vocabulary is unique, in their native language or a second language. Language learners can embrace their personal communication styles by learning to speak L2 words that align with their likes and interests.

There are four ways a student can create their own speaking exercises. 

1. Create a playlist. 

Students have (mostly) the same functionality as teachers. 

2. Save words from playlists or assignments.

Anytime students come across a word on Speakable they’d like to get more exposure to they can save it to their library. 

3. Bulk upload to saved vocabulary. 

Student’s can upload lists of new vocabulary from to their library. Check out the hacks page to see how student’s can import new vocabulary from Netflix or Youtube. 

4. Single add to saved vocabulary.

Student’s can add a word or phrase to their vocabulary table while taking notes during class or while consuming L2 comprehensible input. 


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