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Importing Sections from Google Classroom

Aug 26, 2022 | 0 comments

For teachers using Google Classroom, Speakable offers a native integration available to both free and pro users. This integration automatically imports students and classes to a Speakable account and, if changes in a class roster occur, allows teachers to re-sync their student list. In this post, we’ll share all the details Google Classroom users need to know to successfully set up their Google classroom integration and re-sync it as changes occur.

Key Benefits

Importing Google Classroom Sections

Step 1: In the “Classes” tab, select the “+ Class” button.

Step 2: Click the “Import” tab at the top. 

Step 3: Connect Google Classroom → Accept the Google Classroom Permissions → Go Back 

Step 4: Go back to the Class import pop-up and select the sections you want to import, then click “Import” on the bottom right.

Step 5: Check your classes to make sure all the students appear. 

Step 6: Customize class photo, languages (if necessary), description, etc

You did it! When students login (using their Google account), their Speakable accounts will have been created and have already been placed in your class. Hooray!

Syncing the class if new students join

Step 1: Open the class you need to sync. 

Step 2: In the upper right hand corner, click the configure dropdown → Sync students from Google Classroom.

Step 3: Waiting a minute while the section is syncing from Google Classroom. Any newly added students from Google Classroom will appear after the syncing is complete.

Need to know

    • You must login with Google AND accept the permissions
    • These options are only available for Google accounts with Google Classroom sections.

Some Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s Don’ts
Use the Google Login button. Sign in with the account you have connected to Google Classroom (school email) Let your students create their account first. The importing process creates their accounts
Make sure students use the Google login button every time. Create your sections manually that you’d like to import from Google Classroom
Use the Google Classroom sync button in the class settings dropdown Try to have student join the sections manually
Accept the permissions that Google asks for when first logging in.


Now that your classes are set up, you’re ready to sync your Speakable assignment grades to Google Classroom.

Did this work for you? Let us know if you have any challenges in the comments below!


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