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The 230 Most Commonly Used Spanish Verbs According to Chat GPT

Mar 27, 2023 | 0 comments

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serto beVerbBase form
estarto beVerbBase form
tenerto haveVerbBase form
hacerto do/makeVerbBase form
decirto sayVerbBase form
irto goVerbBase form
verto seeVerbBase form
darto giveVerbBase form
saberto knowVerbBase form
quererto wantVerbBase form
venirto comeVerbBase form
ponerto putVerbBase form
poderto be able toVerbBase form
deberto owe/mustVerbBase form
hablarto speakVerbBase form
llegarto arriveVerbBase form
pasarto passVerbBase form
pensarto thinkVerbBase form
comerto eatVerbBase form
encontrarto findVerbBase form
sentirto feelVerbBase form
trabajarto workVerbBase form
recordarto rememberVerbBase form
seguirto followVerbBase form
empezarto beginVerbBase form
esperarto wait/expectVerbBase form
buscarto searchVerbBase form
creerto believeVerbBase form
oírto hearVerbBase form
permitirto allowVerbBase form
pedirto askVerbBase form
vivirto liveVerbBase form
llevarto carry/takeVerbBase form
dormirto sleepVerbBase form
jugarto playVerbBase form
leerto readVerbBase form
conocerto know/meetVerbBase form
escribirto writeVerbBase form
correrto runVerbBase form
entenderto understandVerbBase form
explicarto explainVerbBase form
recibirto receiveVerbBase form
mostrarto showVerbBase form
preguntarto askVerbBase form
necesitarto needVerbBase form
contarto count/tellVerbBase form
comprarto buyVerbBase form
tomarto take/drinkVerbBase form
venderto sellVerbBase form
estudiarto studyVerbBase form
viajarto travelVerbBase form
aprenderto learnVerbBase form
volverto returnVerbBase form
caerto fallVerbBase form
pagarto payVerbBase form
prepararto prepareVerbBase form
entrarto enterVerbBase form
escucharto listenVerbBase form
olvidarto forgetVerbBase form
terminarto end/finishVerbBase form
intentarto tryVerbBase form
cambiarto changeVerbBase form
ayudarto helpVerbBase form
gustarto likeVerbBase form
enseñarto teachVerbBase form
cerrarto closeVerbBase form
comenzarto begin/startVerbBase form
abrirto openVerbBase form
bailarto danceVerbBase form
cantarto singVerbBase form
trabajarto workVerbBase form
construirto buildVerbBase form
perderto loseVerbBase form
preocuparseto worryVerbBase form
reírto laughVerbBase form
caminarto walkVerbBase form
saltarto jumpVerbBase form
ganarto win/earnVerbBase form
enviarto sendVerbBase form
llamarto callVerbBase form
pararto stopVerbBase form
romperto breakVerbBase form
utilizarto useVerbBase form
funcionarto work/functionVerbBase form
interesarto interestVerbBase form
ofrecerto offerVerbBase form
decidirto decideVerbBase form
vestirto dressVerbBase form
crearto createVerbBase form
moverto moveVerbBase form
nacerto be bornVerbBase form
soñarto dreamVerbBase form
mantenerto maintainVerbBase form
evitarto avoidVerbBase form
mejorarto improveVerbBase form
resolverto solveVerbBase form
imaginarto imagineVerbBase form
describirto describeVerbBase form
repetirto repeatVerbBase form
cubrirto coverVerbBase form
preferirto preferVerbBase form
reconocerto recognizeVerbBase form
levantarto lift/raiseVerbBase form
mencionarto mentionVerbBase form
protegerto protectVerbBase form
discutirto discuss/argueVerbBase form
confiarto trustVerbBase form
existirto existVerbBase form
dependerto dependVerbBase form
besarto kissVerbBase form
lanzarto throwVerbBase form
producirto produceVerbBase form
atraerto attractVerbBase form
insistirto insistVerbBase form
observarto observeVerbBase form
conseguirto achieve/getVerbBase form
compartirto shareVerbBase form
considerarto considerVerbBase form
tocarto touch/play an instrumentVerbBase form
traducirto translateVerbBase form
invitarto inviteVerbBase form
celebrarto celebrateVerbBase form
agradecerto thankVerbBase form
probarto try/testVerbBase form
resistirto resistVerbBase form
aumentarto increaseVerbBase form
desearto wishVerbBase form
cuidarto take care ofVerbBase form
cumplirto fulfillVerbBase form
apoyarto supportVerbBase form
regresarto returnVerbBase form
servirto serveVerbBase form
abrazarto hugVerbBase form
merecerto deserveVerbBase form
influirto influenceVerbBase form
sorprenderto surpriseVerbBase form
dedicarto dedicateVerbBase form
avisarto warn/notifyVerbBase form
llorarto cryVerbBase form
sufrirto sufferVerbBase form
reducirto reduceVerbBase form
cargarto carry/loadVerbBase form
dirigirto direct/manageVerbBase form
presentarto present/introduceVerbBase form
exigirto demandVerbBase form
superarto overcomeVerbBase form
sonreírto smileVerbBase form
acordarto agreeVerbBase form
planearto planVerbBase form
admirarto admireVerbBase form
gritarto scream/shoutVerbBase form
colaborarto collaborateVerbBase form
seleccionarto selectVerbBase form
comunicarto communicateVerbBase form
afectarto affectVerbBase form
aconsejarto adviseVerbBase form
visitarto visitVerbBase form
calificarto grade/rateVerbBase form
eliminarto eliminateVerbBase form
adaptarto adaptVerbBase form
acercarto bring closerVerbBase form
analizarto analyzeVerbBase form
ahorrarto saveVerbBase form
asistirto attendVerbBase form
barrerto sweepVerbBase form
cocinarto cookVerbBase form
descubrirto discoverVerbBase form
entrenarto trainVerbBase form
encenderto light/turn onVerbBase form
gastarto spendVerbBase form
pintarto paintVerbBase form
representarto representVerbBase form
solucionarto solveVerbBase form
alcanzarto reachVerbBase form
alquilarto rentVerbBase form
aportarto contributeVerbBase form
asegurarto assure/insureVerbBase form
calmarto calmVerbBase form
colaborarto collaborateVerbBase form
coquetearto flirtVerbBase form
dudarto doubtVerbBase form
enfocarto focusVerbBase form
estornudarto sneezeVerbBase form
fumarto smokeVerbBase form
gobernarto governVerbBase form
herirto hurt/woundVerbBase form
influenciarto influenceVerbBase form
lucharto fightVerbBase form
maquillarto put on makeupVerbBase form
medirto measureVerbBase form
nadarto swimVerbBase form
navegarto navigate/surf the internetVerbBase form
negarto denyVerbBase form
obedecerto obeyVerbBase form
organizarto organizeVerbBase form
oscurecerto darkenVerbBase form
pasearto strollVerbBase form
patinarto skateVerbBase form
perseguirto chaseVerbBase form
plantarto plantVerbBase form
practicarto practiceVerbBase form
preocuparseto worryVerbBase form
presenciarto witnessVerbBase form
quejarseto complainVerbBase form
reflexionarto reflectVerbBase form
relajarseto relaxVerbBase form
rendirto yieldVerbBase form
repararto repairVerbBase form
retirarto withdrawVerbBase form
rezarto prayVerbBase form
rogarto begVerbBase form
saludarto greetVerbBase form
secarto dryVerbBase form
someterto submitVerbBase form
soplarto blowVerbBase form
subirto climb/go upVerbBase form
temerto fearVerbBase form
teñirto dyeVerbBase form
tirarto throwVerbBase form
toserto coughVerbBase form
tratarto treat/tryVerbBase form
valerto be worthVerbBase form
variarto varyVerbBase form
vigilarto watch/monitorVerbBase form
volarto flyVerbBase form
apagarto turn offVerbBase form
atenderto attend to/pay attentionVerbBase form
castigarto punishVerbBase form
colgarto hangVerbBase form


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