Andrew Platt

Founder and Lead Developer of Speakable

Syncing Assignment Grades to Google Classroom

Get started syncing your assignment grades to Google Classroom so you can spend more time helping your students learn to communicate in their new language and less time transferring grades from website to website. Key Benefits  Syncing grades is the most...

Importing Sections from Google Classroom

For teachers using Google Classroom, Speakable offers a native integration available to both free and pro users. This integration automatically imports students and classes to a Speakable account and, if changes in a class roster occur, allows teachers to re-sync...

How International Teaching Led me to be a Startup Founder

Teaching internationally isn’t just a “nice thing” to do for a year: it can fundamentally change who you are and what you inevitably do in the future. I’m going to tell you my story – not for the sake of telling you, but as an example to see how taking the first step...

Lightning Tutors

Learn Spanish from a native Colombian speaker while streaming payment via the bitcoin lightning network.