Import vocabulary from Netflix or Youtube

Students, Saved Vocabulary

1.1 Download & use the chrome extension Language Reactor while watching Netflix or youtube. Save words and phrases you want to practice speaking.

1.2 Periodically export saved vocabulary from Language Reactor

1.3 Bulk upload to Speakable’s Saved Vocabulary
1.4 Select all and hit the shuffle play button to launch the speaking practice.

2. Accept multiple, different voice responses

Teachers & Students -> Create Playlist

Add a “+” sign between two words, phrases,  or sentences to create an OR function in the voice recognition. It was accept the text before the “+” or the text after it. 


Students will only see the text entered before the “+” sign. 

3. Drive traffic to youtube lessons

Teachers -> Create Playlist

3.1 Create a playlist

3.2 Add media – your youtube video link

3.3 Enter key words and phrases from the video lesson into the playlist.

3.4 Make playlist searchable on Speakable

3.5 Share

4. Market your tutoring services

Teachers -> Create Profile

4.1 Create a Speakable course

4.2 Create a Speakable profile

4.3 Create a calendely account

4.4 Add a calendely link to Speakable profile

4.5 Share your course link, profile link, and playlist links, on social media