Speaking Assignments Made Easy.

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Hey, I’m an independent learner!

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“I don’t have enough time to work with each student on pronunciation”

Fernando didn’t have enough time in his day to work on pronunciation, now he can help every student learn to speak confidently.

50x more feedback for students

Zero grading for you

It’s as easy as 1. 2. 3.

1. Upload Your Vocabulary List

2. Assign to students

3. Support Growth

World Language Teachers are using Speakable with their classes.

Teresa Todd, French Teacher

I’m so very excited about this. The kids were laughing and making a huge effort and it was a fun class. I can’t work individually with them on pronunciation because there are too many kids, but this solves a huge problem.

Terry Silvey, Spanish Teacher

Wow! What a great program! I am using it to help the students prepare for the speaking part of their final. They not only see the words but also hear themselves pronouncing them. What a time saver! In the past, I would have the students record words or stories and then go and listen. Now Speakable guides them and I get to spend time with the students that really need the extra help. It’s super easy to import my Quizlet lists. Who doesn’t have huge library in Quizlet? I had a great chat with Austin and he shares our desire to improve student communication. I highly recommend joining myself and others as we take one more thing off our to-do list!

Michael Spencer, World Languages Lead, HBHS

So far I have found Speakable to be easy to use by both teacher and students. Being able to customize the vocab assignments is valuable for adapting to student needs and abilities. It’s especially useful for teachers who use Quizlet or Google Classroom. I like that I can record my own pronunciations for students to refer to, or I can use the automated AI voice. With Speakable I can personally evaluate all students in my class (and they can evaluate themselves, too). The creators are also very responsive and working to develop the program to best fit classroom needs.

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