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Module 0: The Feedback Dilemma

In this module, we take a look at the primary challenge teachers use Speakable to address – The Feedback Dilemma.

Module 1: Getting Started (for Google Classroom users)

Important: To have access to Speakable’s Google Classroom integration, please sign up using the “Sign in with Google” Button.

Module 2: Creating Assignments

This module walks through the primary methods for creating auto-graded Speaking assignments.

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Creating Speaking Assignments with Purpose

Creating Speaking Assignments with Purpose

Para leer en español, haz click aquí. As language teachers and tutors, we tend to relate any Speaking Assignment purpose to a communicative goal (informative or persuasive). However, it has more to do with identifying the gears that make up the target language system...

Of Love Letters and the Usefulness of Second Languages

Of Love Letters and the Usefulness of Second Languages

Although Manuela Saenz recently won official recognition as a true heroine of the South American Wars for Independence, she is still in many ways considered just a footnote in history compared to her paramour Simon Bolivar. Both Manuela and Simon lived extraordinary...

Travel Projects that Inspire

Travel Projects that Inspire

Looking for new ways to have your students explore the Spanish-speaking world? Send them on a trip!  Projects are a great way to provide students with a real-life application of the vocabulary, phrases, and skills they are learning in your class. When it comes to...

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Importing Sets from Quizlet, Excel, and Google Sheets

Learn how to quickly create sets by importing lists from other sources

It Won't Accept the Correct Pronunciation

There are some cases in which the speech recognition will not be able to determine if the students pronunciation is correct. This article includes some of those instances and the known solutions.

Adding a Co-Teacher to a Speakable Class

Easily collaborate and manage your Speakable course with multiple teachers

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