Pronunciation Feedback

Speakable is your go-to for speaking practice of more than 180 languages. Search the global database of sets created by 2nd language teachers or create your own sets. 

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Use feedback to improve your speaking skills

The majority of students that use Speakable for 30 minutes, 3 or more times per week are able to produce comprehensible speech in their target langauge after just one month. 

Bulk Import

Easily create speaking exercises

Speakable makes it easy to turn Quizlet sets, tables of new vocabulary sets, lists of sentence starters and so much more into speaking exercises with instant pronunciation feedback.

Global Library

Start speaking right away by using sets created by 100s of teachers 

Speakable’s global library is home to thousands of sets of words, phrases, and sentences created by second language teachers. Ready for your use. 

Focus on Communication

Build your speaking confidence from day one.

It’s difficult to see value in your new language until your able to produce comprehensible speech that can be used to communicate. Speakable accelerates your journey to speaking confidently.