Give language teachers super powers. 


Empathy: The golden rule is dope

Feedback: Direct feedback is rocket fuel for personal and professional growth

Humans: The number of people we serve & make a positive impact on is more important than the numbers in our bank accounts

Creating boldly: When there’s no trail, we aren’t afraid to blaze a new path

Different perspectives: We seek out the views and opinions of people who have lived different experiences from our own

Drive: We’re grateful for the advantages we have and we work tirelessly to create advantages for others.

A Message from our CEO

Hi I’m Bruna,

I’m very excited to see the Speakable team grow. For a long time, it was just me and two boys.

I like them but they don’t feed me enough. Daniella is my mom. I sleep between her and Andrew to make sure I’m always their center of attention.

If you have a complaint about Speakable and the boys don’t email you back – send me an email at bruna@speakableapp.com. I’ll sort it out.

Un abrazo,


The Humans

Andrew Platt

Computer Science Teacher, Founder of Speakable, Musician

Andrew writes the code for Speakable and, apparently, doesn’t feed Bruna enough. 5 years ago he played a really great show at the Hard Rock Café Cartagena.

Austin Meusch

Cofounder of Speakable, Spanish Student

Austin has always considered himself “bad at language learning” but with the help of Mar’s tutoring and Andrew’s Speakable, his Spanish is getting better every day.

Mar Clavijo

Content & Community Manager

Mar’s from Bogotá, Colombia. As a native Spanish speaker, she taught herself English (because music in English is better 🙂)

She’s a certified ESL teacher, Spanish pronunciation expert, and accordion player. We think it’s safe to say she’s in tune.

Start learning Spanish with Mar’s Pronunciation Hacks. Check out Mar’s guide to teaching vocabulary & more

History Hans

ESL & History Teacher (mostly history), STU Contributor

Hans was born in Minnesota but don’t call him a gopher. He’s spent most of his life traveling through Central and South America, teaching history, and writing.

He currently lives on the Caribbean coast of Colombia with his wife, two kids, and perrito.

Check out Hans’ ideas on how to bring history into the language classroom

Señora UP

Classroom Spanish Teacher, STU Contributor

Karen teaches Spanish 1, 2 and a Women’s Alliance class. She also contributes to the Spanish Teacher Unite newsletter.

Her son, Anthony, probably has better hair than you..

Check out Karen’s Spanish 1, Spanish 3, and Women’s Alliance curriculums, Travel Projects That Inspire & more