History Hans

ESL & History Teacher (mostly history), STU Contributor

Hans was born in Minnesota but don’t call him a gopher. He’s spent most of his life traveling through Central and South America, teaching history, and writing.

He currently lives on the Caribbean coast of Colombia with his wife, two kids, and perrito.

Hans in Spanish Teachers Unite

Context behind Cinco de Mayo

STU // History Hans

Cultural literacy for the Latin American history and language student is essential, especially if you plan on spending time in Latin America.

Evita Peron’s Final Speech

STU // History Hans

Forty-five years after Susan B. Anthony’s death, one women’s fight against the patriarchal establishment for legitimacy was reaching its peak. Hans shares how he uses famous speeches to inspire students.

The Arabic Influence on Spanish

STU // History Hans

Searching for ideas for your next lesson? Grab a guitar and indulge your students with some aceitunas and albaricoques, and settle down on an alfombra and set up an ajedrez tournament all the while knowing you might as well be in Al-Andalus. 

Revolutionary Art

STU // History Hans

Over the years Hans has found that utilizing visuals can help motivate students. Placing art in historical contex can more ignite students’ historical imaginations

Simón Bolívar’s Love Letters

STU // History Hans

Having taught history and occasionally ESL for over twenty years, Hans has learned that one of the essential starting points for effective teaching and learning is first to engage the student.