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Create a safe place to practice speaking

While some students may be comfortable speaking a new language right away, others will want to build their skills and confidence before using the language in front of peers. With Speakable, assignments are accessible on student’s chromebooks, anywhere they have an internet connection.


Enable second language mastery

Every student has access to their own vocabulary builder. Here they can save words/phrases from assignments or the translator. They can listen to and practice speaking any word or phrase they are interested in learning (excluding profanities).

Keep a real-time pulse on student’s speaking abilities

Replacing or enhancing infrequent assessments with frequent, auto-graded speaking assignments allows teachers to understand where their students are excelling and which areas of pronunciation are more challenging. All in real-time.

Proactively prepare students for standarized exams

Like most skills, speaking ability grows with frequent practice. By introducing more frequent speaking exercises that allow teachers to monitor progress in real-time, students will steadily build their confidence, allowing teachers to focus on more advanced concepts prior to exams.